Girl poses in front of painting of London

Is it just us, or do most Tinder profiles boast a travel picture or two? It makes us look mysterious, adventurous, cultured, and yes, usually tanned. I mean, what's better than being all of those things? Looking like you've done it all when you haven't spent a dime.

Delta Airlines recently partnered with the dating app Tinder to take your profile picture to a whole new level. According to the Twitter account of New York Times writer Stephanie Rosenbloom, "The idea between the Delta - Tinder relationship: 'singles who show a love for travel are more likely to be swiped right'... so Delta has painted walls on Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg, Bklyn (by illustrator Andrew Rae) that you can take pix in front of... and post on Tinder (or anywhere really)."

There are a total of nine different backgrounds to choose from, including Paris, London, and Mexico City. You can choose to be subtle and just post one, or go all out and take photos at all nine. Whatever it is, you might want to set your distance settings to a little outside the city — it would be super awkward to match with someone who knows your trick.

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