What if you could travel the world, discovering the best drinks, and gain a little fame along the way — not far from the dream gig, right? Well, that dream could become your reality.

The creators of the world’s biggest bartender competition, World Class Bartender of the Year, are on a mission to create the world’s ultimate drinks list, and they need your help. In this case, your help comes in the form of hosting a new TV show, World Class List. In doing this, the lucky winner will travel across five different countries within two months, experiencing the best food and drink the world has to offer, all in the name of "work".

Whoever is chosen will also be joined by world-class bartenders who will guide them through each city, uncovering the secret hot spots in each location. World Class Global Director, Johanna Dalley, in a press release: "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a passionate traveler to explore and uncover hidden gems in the world's most exciting cities. We recognize that world class bartenders don't just create the most amazing drinks – they are the in-the-know community who can also serve up the best experiences a city has to offer."

To apply, your resume needs to be a 15-second clip uploaded to Instagram that explains why you would be the best fit for this super cool opp'. Don't forget to add the #MakeTheList hashtag and follow @worldclass, to complete the submission.

All applicants must be aged between 25 and 35, and have until October 21 to make this dream a reality. Get on it!