Landing window plane flight app

Window seat people of the world all have one thing in common: they love soaking up the sweeping vistas that lie below an airplane. From snow-capped mountains to wave-like dunes, the entire world looks incredibly different from above, so much so that we often can't even recognize what it is exactly that we're looking at.

While we could always do things the old-fashioned way and plot our approximate distance on a map, we don't have to. There's an app titled Flyover Country that does all the work for you, using cached articles, maps, and data to tell you exactly what you're flying over, no wifi required. All you need to do is plot your flight's starting and ending locations and the app will take it from there, applying altitude from your phone's GPS to pinpoint exactly where you are.

Even if you're afraid of flying, the app can still prove useful. The same data and technology applies to hikes, road trips, and polar expeditions, and features such as meteorological and astronomy facts are set to come next. So even if you don't have a flight planned for your near future, you can download the app and test it out. 

If you love aerial views, you'll love this flyover video of Iceland.