Google Maps has long been the navigation app of choice for millions of people around the world – so much so, it's hard to imagine how we'd get around without it. And while we've all used it to find our way from the house to the nearest donut joint (and then used it to leave a review commending the perfect texture of the honey crueller donut) few are aware of one of Google Maps' most entertaining features: continent reviews.

If you zoom very, very, very far out of that donut shop, you will be able to leave ratings and comments on the entire continent – whether you're in Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, or Oceania. And thousands of people have done just that, with most of the reviews turning out to be very, very funny. These are some of our favorites:


884 reviews
★★★★ Lovely but stock up on suncream, it is hot! Not suitable for walking holiday. Wooded areas are nice. AVOID ARID, SANDY LANDSCAPE, VERY DULL. Do not pet the animals, they DO NO like it.
- AN Other

★★★★ Larger than expected. Took several million years just to be able to evolve to a bi-pedal species and then be able walk out of the place. It still is at least a top seven continent.
- Nicholas Crosby18

★★★★★ good it was hot bring sun screen
- Kaitlyn Pederson


581 reviews
★★ Service was great, would recommend the food. 10/10 would get my head cut off by Ninja again.
- Paris Jones

★★★ It was pretty neat but way bigger than I expected I didnt have time to see it all in my stop over flight, also a bit too spicy, but not bad.
- Sean Quinn

★★★★ Has the best named desert of all time: Taklamakan. Loses two stars due to a severe lack of penguins but gains one back due to widespread pandas.
- Raunak Sarbajna


1,087 reviews
★★★★ Cool place, not 5 starts because it doesn't have Hot Pockets™
- EnderBolt

★★★★★ Pretty nice continent, easily makes my top 10 list, if not top 7 continents list.
- Lewis Merkle

★★★ The source of inspiration for most of Monty Python; was a bit less inspiring. There were a few socialist people that kept "redistributing the wealth" that I brought with me every time I went to the bar.
- Cameron Graves

North America

417 reviews
★★★ The bottom was too hot. Too many first world problems in the middle. But Canada was just right.
- Dylan Gee

★★★★★ The Northest of the Americas. And in my opinion, the perfect amount of North. I love the animals, most of the people and how north it gets. It goes almost all the way up!!!!!
- Jonathan DeMattos

★★★★★ I think 'murica is the best of all the countries 'cuz they got MacDonalds
- Luke Fitz


99 reviews
★ Bit hot, full of things that are trying to kill you. Wouldn't recommend.
- Richard Lenderyou

★★★★ It was not like the song by Men At Work at all. I found no strange lands that made me nervous, took me in and made me breakfast. Brussles is not even here, and there was not man that was 6 foot 4 and full of muscles. No one spoke my language and have me a vegimite sandwich.
- Dylan Gee

South America

322 reviews
★ Made my top ten for continents and good booty, but too many non-American speakers.
- Aaron Leach

★★★ I would compare it to North America but just if North America was south of the equator. It's in my top seven continents for sure.
- Nicholas Crosby18

★★★★ Mountains, fjords, [it's like a] larger version of Portugal!
- Matt Haydon

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