We're not alone in our everlasting love for travel. Shocker. But while studies have shown for years that people get giddy while planning a vacation, a more recent study by Booking.com has shown just how much.

In the study, 17,000 people from 17 different countries were asked about their happiness in regards to travel. Approximately half (49%) of the people polled said that it was greater than that on their wedding day, and a few less (45%) said the same of their engagement. The study went on to show that people were more excited about going on vacation than landing a dream job, having kids, and even going on a date with their significant other (awkward).

Laughter may be the best medicine, but traveling is the best drug. Not only can it heal you when you’re in need (77% book a trip to boost happiness), but it can elate you when you’re bored. It makes you genuinely happier in the long run in ways that material things (and apparently commitment) simply can’t. So the secret's out — bae isn't a person... it's a trip.