Atlas Obscura's new interactive map of the world's hidden gems

When it comes to exploring the unexplored, things can get somewhat difficult. After all, much of the world has been trekked by somebody or other, and many places that were once considered hidden gems have been saturated with tourists — sometimes to the point of destruction.

Luckily, we have Atlas Obscura. The online adventure magazine has a knack for highlighting amazing and unusual places before they become known to the masses, and that gives us a leg up on finding some pretty awesome stuff. Take, for example, the Old Petrolandia Church. Showing just the peak of its roof, it's a haunting hint at a drowned Brazilian city. There's also the Batagaika Crater in Russia (which is said to be the doorway to the underworld) or the Gedi Ruins on the coast of Kenya. 

Other places are, well, less traditional, like BonBon Land in Denmark. Here you'll find "wall-to-wall farting dogs, puking rats, and cows with exposed breasts for the whole family", according to the website. 

So whether you're into awe-inspiring natural formations or, well, farting dogs, this map quite literally has something for everyone. And it should — all 13,262 places known by Atlas Obscura can be found on the same interactive map. So get exploring, because you never know what you might find.

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