a couple having a romantic moment at the bed

If you've ever had incredible sex in a hotel room, your partner's skills may be only a portion of the equation. Even if they're drop-dead gorgeous and incredibly... um, gifted, a new study suggests that a large portion of the credit goes to the location.

Yes, research has just proven that having sex in a hotel is actually way hotter than at home. And while you might think it's all about the clean sheets, the steam-showers for two, and whatever other luxuries are included in your amenities, the reason is actually far more psychological.

The output of a neurotransmitter known as dopamine — which controls the feelings of pleasure and excitement — was observed to increase when test subjects had sex in a new environment (like a hotel) as opposed to a familiar environment (like your bedroom). We know, we can't believe people got paid to have sex in the name of science, either. But thanks to their contributions, we now know that tossing in some chocolate and wine and booking that hotel room can take our dopamine levels to entirely new heights.

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