hammock island hostel

Floating in the warm waters off Colombia's northern coast lies a modern-day, real-life version of Peter Pan's Neverland. Far removed from responsibilities and adulting woes, Casa en el Agua is an eco-friendly and solar-powered hostel promising a seriously unique escape. 

Just two hours from Cartegena via boat, the 23-year-old house has been built in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean, in the island archipelago of San Bernardo. With 15 different hammocks available to guests, one night under the stars will cost you $60,000 Colombian pesos (around $19 USD), including breakfast, coffee, drinking water, and a safe locker for your valuables. Of course, if you'd rather sleep in a real, stable bed or have a private room to yourself, those options are also available from $70,000 ($22 USD) to $190,000 ($60 USD) per night.

The meals provided actually use super fresh seafood from local fishermen, so you can expect lobster for breakfast, or ceviche with lobster, octopus, and fish for lunch. Drinks (yes, that includes alcohol) are also available for a fee, including Colombian beer, rum and coke and piña coladas. 

Keep in mind that the hostel's isolated locale means there aren't any ATMs around, so you're going to want to take out cash before your visit (the only payment the hostel accepts). There's also no wifi (*gasp*), encouraging guests to take a break from social media, relax, and be social with other travelers. Whether you're partying, snorkeling, or SUP boarding, the vibe is set entirely by the guests, making for an awesome opportunity to meet new people. In case you do hit those piña coladas a little too hard, Casa en el Agua also offers "the best hangover cure in South America", with a bed-to-ocean dive from the first floor deck into clear Caribbean waters. And hey, at least you don't have to worry about the neighbors.