The United Kingdom doesn't exactly have a large land mass when you compare it to the likes of North America, but you may be surprised to hear that a train from London (at its very south) to Edinburgh (at its most northern point) takes a whopping five and a half hours.

But fear not — we won't have to endure such painfully long journeys for much longer — and it's all thanks to Eurostar's all-new 300kph trains. There latest route is from London to Amsterdam, which launches April 4, takes just 3hrs 41 minutes. You can also travel to Brussels on the same route in just 1hr 28. 

Even better? You'll only need to check in thirty minutes before departure — so no more airport stress. Hallelujah! Tickets go on sale on February 20 with one-way prices from just £35 (just under $50 USD). For more information, you can visit the Eurostar website.

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