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With the Holidays underway and travelers eager to get home (or to their winter vacation spot), there will be fingers crossed for no delays — although something inevitable. If you're hoping to bag a last minute flight, new research shows there are some airlines more reliable than others. If you've already booked your flight, this is something to bear in mind for the future.

The research was carried out by UK medical travel insurance provider, Get Going, a UK medical travel insurance provider looked into which airlines are the most reliable, based on factors such as the percentage of flight delayed, the percentage of flights canceled, the average delay waiting time, and safety ranking. 

GoJet Airlines came in first, with Japan’s ANA airline and Air New Zealand coming in at second and third. For more information, and to see the breakdown, click here.

The Best
1. GoJet Airlines
2. Ana
3. Air New Zealand
4. Swiss
5. Turkish Airlines
6. Emirates
7. KLM
8. Sas
9. Air Nelson
10. Lufthansa

The Worst
1. Air China
2. Air Asia
3. Cobham
4. Eastern Australia Airlines
5. Hong Kong Airlines
6. West Air
7. Air France
8. Jet Blue
9. Hainan Airlines
10. Virgin Atlantic

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