Unless you really, really love flying, I think it's fair to say that long-haul flights aren't exactly the most comfortable experience. While neck pillows might help to ease the pain slightly, it's really no comparison to the peaceful night's sleep you've not long waved goodbye to in your hotel room. 

Of course, I'm talking about economy fliers — first-class is another story entirely. But for those that can't afford the hefty price tag that comes with a first-class seat, Airbus has a solution.

Currently working with seat manufacturer Zodiac Aerospace to design new 'nap pods' to fit in the lower-deck cargo areas of their planes, this brilliant idea is a gamechanger for passenger comfort. And if there's not enough demand for sleeping, there's potential for the space to be used as an area for kids and family, a medical care zone, or even a conference room for business travelers. 

The beds aren't expected to be available until 2020, so it may be a little while before nap pods become a reality. But hey, the future looks bright, and perhaps even jetlag free! Find out more here.

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