The cast of Netflix's Stranger Things

When Netflix became available to download on different devices, much of the world jumped for joy. The only problem with that, however, is that you need to take the time in advance to download the shows that you want to watch later — and sometimes we just don't know if we'll be in the mood for Ozark or Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

While definitely a first-world problem through and through, it's a problem that Netflix is working to solve. The company has plans to make Wi-fi-based streaming easier for airlines, so you can watch whatever you're feeling from wherever you are in the sky. Apparently, the reason this hasn't happened sooner is that the problem is linked to bandwidth, and the cost that comes with it can be astronomical.

So, Spencer Wang, the vice-president of Finance and Investor Relations at Netflix, Inc., said that partnering with airlines will “support and promote certain in-flight services as a core part of your offering rather than sticking it on some kind of premium tier." And you know what that means — in-flight entertainment at no added cost to you. Bring on the bingeing.