Do us a favor and be totally honest — do you or do you not have a piece of tape, a sticky note, or some other kind of blockage placed strategically over the webcam of your computer right now. Yes? You do? Well that explains why you're here.

Don't worry, we're not creeping on your personal life, but depending where you are in the world, the country you're in might be. Concerns over security and privacy are at an all-time high, so we were pretty interested when Alex, the creator of, reached out to us with some useful new data.

Along with the help of Privacy International, Alex has been able to determine which countries in the world have the best and worst privacy, and why. With so many governments restricting rights in the name of security, it's become pretty easy for them to have access to all of your information. But, before you totally tweak out, know that sometimes it is actually for a good reason.

These findings were calculated according to list of 14 criteria, including data-sharing, visual surveillance, communication interception, and workplace monitoring (among others). As it turns out, Greece, Canada, Romania, Hungary, and Argentina were listed as the top five (best privacy) and England, Singapore, Russia, Malaysia, and China were at the bottom (aka the worst).

But don't just take our word for it. You can find more details plus an awesome infographic on the website, along with all of the reasons why countries ranked the way they did. For example, were you aware that in Greece the government needs your individual consent to access your data? Given it isn't pertaining to a serious crime or threat to national security, that is. Also, who knew that Canada spent more time online each month than any other country in the world? Good thing they have good security. 

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