Rollercoaster Train

If you’ve ever wanted to visit London, or Scotland, or both for that matter, pretty soon you’ll be able to make the journey from A to B in a matter of minutes.

In talks to be built, the Hyper Chariot will use rollercoaster-type technology to launch car-sized capsules into airless concrete tubes. A journey that, by car would take almost eight hours, will take just eight minutes, which to put it in perspective, is quicker than travelling from Oxford Street to Leicester Square on the London Underground.

How? For starters, the Hyper Chariot will travel at 4,000 mph and second, one saloon car-sized vehicle will be ultra-light, weighing as little as 400lbs and therefore able to move far more quickly.

The masterminds behind the Hyper Chariot plan on officially launching by 2021, making them the first company to commercialize evacuated tube transport technologies.

But before all that, there are plans to launch a Virtual Reality Ride, aptly named ‘The Velocitator,’ in 2018. Travelling the same speed of 4,000mph, it will time warp the rider through the history of transport.

If you want to help bring this dream to life, Hyper Chariot is now accepting donations.

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