Flying is a double-edged sword for many of us; it’s a quick way to get to any destination, but it can also come with a great pang of anxiety. Hanging tens of thousands of feet off the ground, plowing hundreds of miles per hour, hitting patches of turbulence — it’s actually ludicrous. Luckily there’s the new SkyGuru Pro app, which reaches new heights in helping us to not freak the f*** out.

Once downloaded and set up with your flight number, the app provides you with real-time updates of your flight while you're on it. Think of it as your own personal pilot sitting next to you, telling you everything that’s happening, guiding you through the experience to help you stay calm and grounded (well, atleast emotionally).

To begin, Skyguru provides you with detailed info on your flight, including gate number, times, and even the weather at your destination. The truly innovative part of SkyGuru, however, is the analyzing of turbulence. You’ll see an assessment of turbulence, showing you intensities and the elevation level, as it climbs and falls. The app will even predict possible upcoming patches of turbulence, judging by weather forecasts. Obviously it won’t make the actual turbulence better, but you can at least know when to expect it and have that in-flight cocktail at the ready.

SkyGuru was developed by Alex Gervash, who is probably the most over-qualified person we’ve ever seen. He’s a professional pilot, aviation psychologist, and expert in aerophobia (yes, there is a name for it). He also has eight years of experience helping people to conquer their fear of flying, and he can certainly help you with yours. Now if only we could get an app for our fear of TSA...