Since the season finale back in August, Game of Thrones fans everywhere have been mourning the loss of the medieval fantasy epic — but perhaps nothing comes close to the sadness they felt when witnessing Jon Snow's heartbreaking goodbye to his wildling lover Ygritte. The lovebirds played by Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie shared a passionate romance which, for three long seasons, won the hearts of fans around the world.

And after Ygirtte breathed her last breath on the show, the pair delighted GoT followers by announcing their real-life engagement in September, following the end of season 7.  If you ever find yourself fantasizing about spending your days at Dragonstone with Jon Snow — don't worry, you're not alone — Airbnb is bringing you the next-best alternative.

You can now officially rent Rose Leslie's childhood home, which although isn't Dragonstone, is legitimately a castle. Lickleyhead Castle in Insch, Aberdeenshire is, according to Airbnb, "a quiet and secluded and very private set in beautiful parkland surrounded by mature trees and lawns." Featuring a large great hall with original medieval open fireplace, dining room with seating for 16, plus seven delightful bedrooms with seven bathrooms, some tucked away in turrets, Lickleyhead is quirky and fun, combining modern comfort within a historical setting. Visit the Airbnb website to book now.