If you're planning on booking a vacation this summer, heads up. While you can try all the flight hacks you want, there's one valuable piece of info that's definitely worth noting — there's one specific day in the season that's cheaper than the rest. 

CheapAir spent some time studying hundreds of thousands of summer airfares, and they've recently revealed that June 6 is the cheapest day for summer travel. Landing on a Tuesday, it fits within their findings that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to fly, saving you $62 on average than if you were to go any other day. Sundays are apparently the worst choice, which also fits with the findings that the most expensive day of the summer is July 9.

In general, July is way more expensive than any other summer month, so avoid that one as much as you can. If you absolutely have to book a trip within those dates, shoot for July 4. Yes, that's Independence day, but it's also when you'll find the cheapest rates of the entire month.

If you want to take your trip later in the summer, the best bang for your buck in August is the 22nd and for September it's the 12th. As for every other date in the season, you can check out CheapAir's summer flights calendar, which acts as a heat map of sorts to show you deepest discounts and highest fares. The rest, my friends, is up to you.