Successful woman backpacker enjoy the view at mountain peak

If the idea of getting lost in the wilderness is something you crave in the midst of city living, luxury tour company, Black Tomato is offering the perfect solution. Their 'Get Lost' tour will take travelers to an unknown destination leaving them to navigate their way out.

If you decide to partake in this unique experience, you will first be matched with a 'Get Lost travel expert', who will take you through a consultation, asking you questions based on what you want to achieve, how you want to feel, and why you want to get lost' before giving you the choice of a polar, desert, jungle, coastal, or mountain environment. The expert will then create a personalized expedition for you based on that information. The best part? You won't have a clue where in the world you are going.

Travelers have previously found their way around countries like Mongolia, Svalbard in Norway, and Guyana, South America. If the thought of being left alone in the wilderness terrifies you, this may not be the trip for you, but those that do decide to sign up will be equipped with all the necessary survival skills and outfitted with tracking equipment. They will also be taken to their mystery location by private jet or helicopter, adding to the secrecy of the expedition. To find out more, head over to their website