Smiling girl waiting for boarding

Those of you hoping to trade in your turkey dinner for sangrias on the beach this Thanksgiving, listen up! Expedia has released flight data to help US travelers make significant savings. They looked at 2016 data and found that more than 85% of holiday travelers missed out on the lowest airfares last year for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

To get the best Thanksgiving travel deals, Expedia says the best time to book is 61 to 90 days before. Their research found that people who waited less than six days before booking paid on average 20% more. And you're planning on going away for Christmas, you'll know it's one of the most expensive times to travel. Expedia says booking between 14 to 20 days away from the holiday can lead to savings of 5%. Waiting just a few days before, on the other hand, could increase prices by up to 15%. 

Wondering where to travel to? Flights to France, China and the Philippines are around 20% cheaper if you fly between September and November. Greece, India, the Netherlands, Spain and South Korea give you savings of around 15% overall. 

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