Imagine a world where you could have your mind read, and then have everything you dream of delivered. Where you conjure up the ideal partner, the ideal home, and the ideal vacation and have it all really come true. Maybe such technology doesn't exist — yet — but for the last scenario, it actually kind of does.

A British travel company is claiming to have technology that scans your face and develops a travel itinerary that's been completely personalized based on your subconscious thoughts. While it may not actually get as deep as your brain, the software is able to scan and recognize different emotions on your face, and then uses your reactions to decipher what you do and don't like. 

Here's how it works: You take a trip down to the agency, they seat you down in front of a machine developed by RealEyes, and the camera pinpoints 149 spots on your face. Next comes the fun part. A two-minute video plays, showing different travel activities like skiing, snorkeling, relaxing on the beach, and trekking through the jungle, and the camera reads subtle reactions on your face to reveal your true, subconscious thoughts about them.

That's it — your personal travel itinerary is made. And we get it; why bother having your mind read if you already know that you do like eating and you don't like hiking? Well, if not for the super cool sci-fi aspect of it all, you might just discover something about yourself that you haven't tried. Yet.