If you're looking for your next winter activity, the Ice Castles are a must-see spectacle. With some standing up to 25 feet tall, you can visit these stunning structures day or night — witnessing the blue ice formations in natural light, or lit up by colored lights beneath the night sky.

The detail of the castles is so intricate that they take almost a month to complete, and require the handcrafted skill of between 20 to 50 people. 

Below is a summary of all the cities you can see the Ice Castles, along with opening dates. Note, that some castles will open longer than others, according to the temperature of that state. And if you're wondering how long you have to see them, the Ice Castles typically only last for six to eight weeks once they open. So don't wait around.

Dillon, Colorado - December 27
Midway, Utah - December 29
Stillwater, Minnesota - Late December/Early January 
Winnipeg, Manitoba - Late December/Early January 
Lincoln, New Hampshire - Late December/Early January 
Edmonton, Alberta - Late December/Early January 

You can purchase tickets online for $15.95, or on the day for $20 on Monday through Thursday, and $16.95 and $25 on Friday through Sunday for one adult admission. For more information, visit the website.