History repeats itself all the time. We see it in fashion, music, movies, and more. Just think about it: floral prints and suede are all over the runways, EDM is basically electronic jazz, and La La Land, an old-school musical, just dominated the Golden Globes. It sounds kind of weird to say that this applies to cars, since technology tends to only move forward, but some models are so iconic that they too fall on that cycle.

Volkswagen has recently unveiled their new concept, the ID Buzz. It’s a tribute to the MicroBus of the 1960s, looking much like the same bus that the hippies lived in but with more of a Jetsons approach. It’s completely electric, with an estimated range of about 270 miles per charge, and has an autonomous mode. Yes, that means the car can drive itself as you swivel your seat around to face the back, enjoy your coffee, and play a game of cards with your friends.

But the ID Buzz's features don't stop there. It has a driver profile system that stores info like your preferred seat position, interior climate, music, and even ambient lighting. What’s more is the car has a tablet that displays your calendar with suggested activities and displays navigation directions in front of the car via augmented reality.

We can’t think of a better car to roadtrip in. No longer will the shotgun passenger be the DJ and navigator, leaving those in the back to regulate snacks and commentaries. The car does it all (minus snacks), leaving the whole squad to just sit back and truly enjoy the ride. Imagine cruising the Pacific Coast Highway in Cali or Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way in this marvel of technology and comfort. The hippie lifestyle has never looked more appealing.