This Map Showing What Each Country Leads The World In Is Really Quite Cool (4)

As you can tell, here at VIVA we love nothing more than a map - whether it's delicious mac 'n cheese, great airbnbs, or terrible tourist traps - simply locate your city and voilà, you've got your answer. William Ray Yamartino and Rafaan Anvari from the Grapefruit Press have gone one step further and covered all bases with their illustrated map of what every country does best. Because what's better than a bit of healthy competition?

Collecting their data from all kinds of sources, the results for some countries are a little more predictable than others - Saudi Arabia and oil, Japan and robots, and Brazil and FIFA World Cup titles are prime examples. But to keep us interested, they decided to make the majority of their map a little more humorous. Our favorites? Greenland and personal space, Chile and staying married - and let's not forget the US and nobel laureates and getting killed by lawnmowers. Check out the full map below, or scroll down further to find your country.

North and Central America

South America


Africa and the Middle East