Two men drinking whiskey in a bar

We all have that one go-to drink we can always get behind, and for some people in the world, that drink is whisky. Now, the perfect (or should we say dream) job has been posted by a Scottish whisky company, offering candidates a 10-day job interview traveling the world.

The position is brand ambassador for Grants Whisky, and the top three candidates to make the cut will be sent on an all-expenses paid trip to places “ranging from Colombia to Poland, India and South Africa equipped with a suitcase full of Grant’s to share with the friends they’re yet to meet.” Yeah — you get to drink and travel for work. What could possibly be better than that?

To apply for the job, candidates should make special note of exactly what the company is looking for. Grants hints that "the successful candidate must be “resourceful, charismatic, talented, and have a passion for writing, travelling and mixology. Putting these traits to the ultimate test, the final three candidates will need to use their suitcase of Grant’s as bargaining power, swapping drams for unforgettable adventures that take whisky to the world.”

To test your luck and apply for the interview process, click here.