River Aarhus Å with the promenade in the city of Aarhus in Denmark

Ever wondered where your city ranks on a list of least expensive to most expensive? The Economist Intelligence Unit's (EIU) report will tell you exactly that, giving readers an insight into how the cost of living varies from city to city. 

Taking into account a variety of data, including food, fuel costs, and working salaries, the EIU has ranked cities from a total of 133 countries, with some interesting results. Unsurprisingly, tourist hubs like New York and London ranked highly, as is the case with most wealth-related reports — but you might be surprised by a few of the results. Read on for a list of the world's most expensive cities, and a list of the world's least expensive cities. 

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The Most Expensive Cities:
Singapore, Singapore
Zurich, Switzerland
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Geneva, Switzerland
Paris, France
London, UK
New York, U.S.
Copenhagen, Denmark
Seoul, South Korea,
Los Angeles, U.S.

The Least Expensive Cities:
Lusaka, Zambia
Bangalore, India
Mumbai, India
Almaty, Kazakhstan 
Algiers, Algeria 
Chennai, India
Karachi, Pakistan
New Delhi, India
Damascus, Syria
Caracas, Venezuela

To download the full report, go to The Economist website.