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Ever wish you could travel the world without the hassle of applying for a visa first? You'd better find citizenship in Singapore. 

Although Singaporeans are able to travel to most countries without a visa, if they do need a visa, they can usually obtain one upon arrival. The reason it has these privileges, according to the managing director of Arton's Singapore office, Philippe May, is down to its size as a nation. 

"Smaller nations who are no threat to anyone as well as smart and open-minded nations, especially when there is a strong rule of law" are most likely to climb the ranks, and will continue to improve, he told CNN.

Singapore's rise in the ranking has sadly coincided with the U.S. passport's decline (we have President Trump to thank for that). U.S. citizens will struggle to visit many countries without a visa — in many cases unable to enter at all. Most recently, they have been involved in a dispute with Turkey resulting in the suspension of visas altogether. Sigh. Let's just pray this won't be the case forever.