Young couple walking through woods

When it comes to backpacking and adventure travel, it doesn't get any more classic than trekking through a rainforest. From the unique flora to the stunning fauna, jungles are iconic for a reason – and the Amazon in particular is famed for its one-of-a-kind ecosystem.

But what if we told you that the Amazon is, in fact, not the top rainforest in the world? has released its ratings of jungles around the world, and has determined Borneo to be the ultimate destination for tropical forests. Located off the shore of Malaysia, the third-largest island in the world is also home to the endangered Proboscis monkey.

For the rest of the list, read on below:

10. Gondwana Rainforest
9. Cloud Forest of Peru
8. Corcavodo Jungle
7. Ancient Waipoua Forest
6. Rainforest of Papua New Guinea
5. Etosha National Park
4. Sinharaja Forest Reserve
3. Kanha Tiger Reserve
2. The Amazon Jungle
1. The Jungles of Borneo

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