If you love airplane food, chances are you're in the minority. But when we say the 'worst' airplane food, we're not talking about the worst-tasting — of course, that would be down to personal preference. Instead, we're talking about the worst food for your health.

According to a study done by Charles Platkin, Ph.D., the director of the Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center and editor of DietDetective.com, Hawaiian Airlines has the most unhealthy airplane food. Meals served by this airline have a whopping 971 calories on average per meal. 

The healthiest airlines were Delta and Virgin — with Delta’s average calorie count per meal coming in at 480, and Virgin America’s coming in at 340. Air Canada and JetBlue tied for second, followed by Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines. You can find out more about the study, as well as seeing the calorie content of various popular airplane food snacks here.

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