amazing view of a sunshine on the waterfall in Iceland

Apparently, purple is the new black (or rather, WOW Air's Purple Friday is the new Black Friday). Anyone looking to book a flight from the US to Europe is in luck, because the ultra low-cost carrier is offering insane deals for their Purple Friday sale — and yes, that means the $99 flights are back. 

Just launched on November 20, the deal spans multiple cities across the two continents. Boston, Pittsburgh, and Chicago airports are lucky enough to receive $99 one-way flights to Reykjavik, Amsterdam, London, and Dublin, and those same cities are listed at just $129 for those in Miami, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. 

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If you're interested in the deal, you'd better hurry — tickets will only last until they sell out, so there's no guarantee that they'll actually last until Friday. That said, your travel dates can go well into spring, with the departure dates ranging between December and May 2018. As always, though, make note that a checked bag will cost you extra. All the more incentive to learn how to pack a carry-on bag properly, am I right?