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If you're still undecided as to where to go in Europe this summer, check out Finland for one of the most unique beer events of the season: beer isn't be the only thing flowing, the river is too. Confused? At Kaljakellunta , an event translated as "Beer Floating" you can have a beer and chill as you literally float along the rivers of Helsinki. This open event is now in its 19th year and is held annually in the Finnish province of Uusimaa. It has been attracting thousands of people of all age groups, from all over the world as they join to float down the rivers of Vantaa and Kerava together. What makes this event so special is that you bring your own raft, inflatable pool or boat and fill it with beer before heading off on your river ride. Another epic fact about the festival is that there are no set dates for the event, no official organizers or event routes to get to the location. This year it's set to take place on Saturday, July 30. In a very old-school way, word of mouth is the main method of getting word out about the exclusive festival. Potential attendees speak to those who have previously gone to the event and share information about this uber fun day through social networks and websites. To sum up, could anything be more awesome than a massive group of people together for a beer and boat-filled relax under the heat of the sun?

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