travel slogans map

Ah, tourism slogans. They can either make you want to visit a country or avoid it, and they're all over the map. That is, this particular map recently shown on 9gag

While most are pretty straightforward, others have an unexpected entertainment value. Uganda’s slogan “You’re Welcome” is full of self-assured awesomeness, Slovakia’s “Travel in Slovakia - Good Idea” is almost absurdly blunt, and Latvia's "Best Enjoyed Slowly" is strangely familiar to a coffee campaign. Also, it's worth noting that while every other country's slogan is in english, France's is in french. Are we really that surprised though?

While worthy of a laugh, nothing quite compares to Australia's CUintheNT campaign last year. To be fair, though, that wasn't the work of an official tourism board.

If you want to find your country's tourism slogan, check out the maps below: