Gone are the days when Greece was simply a destination for irritatingly loved-up honeymooners. Now, more and more twenty-something female travelers are heading to the European gem for an adventure, often with girlfriends in tow. Luckily, the islands are so plentiful (there's 227 inhabited ones, no biggie) and diverse that they can satisfy any group's vibe. So whether you're looking to party it up, chow down, chill out or just splash around in the sapphire-toned seas, there’s a Greek island for that. Read on to choose which island suits you and the ladies best.

For Chilled Chicks: Santorini

Situated halfway between Crete and Athens, Santorini is the zen mecca of Greece. No jam-packed, activity-filled vacations to be found here – peaceful beaches and friendly locals abound (admittedly not in July and August when it's kinda overcrowded). Swim, lounge or simply marvel at the red cliffs surrounding the secluded sands of Cape Columbo beach. Spend the afternoon chatting with the locals along the beautiful, cobblestone-studded alleyways of downtown Santorini. Then grab a blanket and bottle of wine, and settle in for an insane 360 view of the Grecian sunset in Oia Village (where The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was filmed). End the day with a de-stressing massage paired with a glass of champagne at Caldera Massages Studio, also in Oia.

Where to eat: Selena, for a stylish seafood restaurant that also offers cooking classes.
Where to stay: Grace Hotel, for insanely gorgeous infinity pools overlooking the sea.

For Party Gals: Ios

If late nights and hangover brunches are more your jam, head to Ios – the land of booze, bars and beats. This picture-perfect island, located between Naxos and Santorini, attracts international travelers looking for a wild time. White-washed homes clustered along the hillside give way to views of the glittering Aegean Sea – but what really attracts international travelers is the booming party culture. Wake up late and lounge poolside (mimosa in hand) at one of the many Ios hotels – like the infamous party hotel Francesco’s – before heading out to the well-known nightspot Astra Cocktail Bar in Chora for drinks and a dance. Later, make your way to Pash Nightclub to pop bottles amongst the Ios elite, and stumble home when the club closes around 5am.

Where to eat: Hellenic Social, for meals made with veggies grown in the restaurant's own garden.
Where to stay:
Ios Palace Hotel, for stunning views of Mylopotas Bay, and proximity to town.

For Culture Vultures: Rhodes

If your group’s persona is more history buff than booze hound you’ll feel right at home in Rhodes, situated on the Aegean Sea’s eastern edge. This 50-mile long island comprised of green and hilly terrain is the largest of the Dodecanese and packs a punch of culture and context, filled with medieval churches and castles. Rhodes is nearly always sunny and temperate – perfect sight-seeing weather! Lindos Acropolis offers a peek into 10th century B.C life – hike to the top (or hire a donkey to trek in style), for a killer panoramic view. Meander around the UNESCO-Heritage Listed Medieval City of Rhodes along the Street of the Knights to see real medieval-style chiseled sandstone buildings, and be sure to catch the nature reserve Valley of Butterflies, where you can wade through ponds and waterfalls to spot the local critters.

Where to eat: Marco Polo Mansion, for romantic dinners overlooking the Old Town. 
Where to stay:
Casa Cook Rhodes, for the most chic, minimalist hotel around.

For Foodies: Kefalonia

The green-blue-ish waters and tree-lined, lush AF scenery of Kefalonia make this spot perfect for ladies who appreciate quality social media posts. But it's the otherworldly cuisine and wineries which make this island, west of mainland Greece, a must-visit for all gourmand gals. Kefalonia produces its own feta cheese, olive oil, honey, local meats and (most importantly) a dry, tasty wine called Robola. Visit Gentilini Winery & Vineyards and Kefalonia Robola Wine Cooperative to get your your Greek-grape drank on whilst devouring some authentic Kefalonian eats. When you're done, and fancy burning off the calories, there's a ton of culture on your doorstep. Explore the intriguing Drogarati Cave, hike up to Saint George Castle, and browse the mystical Lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi – and that's just for starters.

Where to eat: Lorraine’s Magic Hill, for home-made wine, freshly-baked bread, and hand-crafted feta cheese.
Where to stay:
Thalassa, for a boutique hotel with the best cocktail bar.

For Beach Bums: Crete

Rally your favorite sun-loving beach babes and head to Greece’s largest island, Crete, for the ultimate surf and sand getaway. While Crete’s diverse landscape includes cliff-lined coasts, expansive valleys, and intriguing caves, the biggest draw is its array of diverse beaches. The incredible seashell-infused, pink-tinted sands of Elafonisi Beach will help justify your latest bikini-buying binge, and you’ll never want to leave the warm, crystal-clear Mediterranean waters of the exotic Balos Beach. Fun fact: of all the Greek islands, Crete has the longest beach-lounging season. Plus, if that wasn't enough – it's also home to the longest growing season in Greece, meaning ridiculously fresh food can be yours pretty much any time of year. 

Where to eat: Taverna Dionyssos, for the massive terrace, sea views, and stuffed zucchini blossoms.
Where to stay:
Casa Delfino Hotel, for a super elegant stay within a 17th-century stone mansion.

For Fitness Fiends: Andros

Sporty chicks, rejoice! If you and the gang love to sweat, adventure and explore, Andros is the place to be. The closest island from Athens, a quick two-hour ferry ride will land you in the mountainous, rugged, and flora-filled island of Andros. Because of this proximity to Greece's capital, the island is where Athenians come to chill during weekends, providing you with the perfect opportunity to explore and work out with the locals. Strong waves make Ormos Beach perfect for water sports like kite and windsurfing. For a drier workout, check out Andros Routes for more than a dozen different hiking, trekking and walking trails on the island. If you're looking to give your muscles a good relax, then check out the island's Museum of Contemporary Art or surprisingly interesting Cyclades Olive Museum.

Where to eat: Oti Kalo, for the oregano lamb and harbor views.
Where to stay:
Mare Vista Hotel, for the ton of hiking trails and waterfalls nearby.