Casa Cook Rhodes Hotel

Casa Cook Rhodes in Greece is every city dweller’s dream vacation. If Ace Hotels and any trendy homewares store in Williamsburg had a baby, it would probably be this property. The best part, aside from the fact it only opened this summer, is that it's adults only. No crying kiddies at this pool!

Outfitted with nomadic-inspired décor, the rooms feature earthy tones and chic minimalistic furniture. You can choose whether you want a swim-up room with direct access to a shared pool, or get an upgrade for a room that includes a veranda with sun beds.

The Kitchen Club serves as a poolside hangout, and features gourmet Greek dishes with locally-sourced ingredients. It's super chilled, and nearly always open, so it feels like you're just lounging with friends at home (but like, a reallly, really nice home). In the evenings the area becomes a relaxing hangout with a DJ. Though if you'd rather spend the evenings getting re-invigorated, there are nightly yoga classes available on the terrace.

Casa Cook can also hook you up with an off-site adventure. Try a sailing trip on the Aegean in the morning, followed by an afternoon hike up Tsambika Hill to the Seven Springs, a natural oasis nearby. If you're looking for a taste of local culture, the walking tour of Rhodes is more your speed. But it's not your usual ho-hum walking tour – local hidden gems are emphasised and the Insta opportunities are endless. 

All in all, this 90-room adults-only resort is truly gorgeous. Tucked away in a hillside on the isle’s eastern coast, Casa Cook Rhodes appeals to anyone looking for family-free down time, doused in style and that delicious Mediterranean sun.