Battling it out in a vicious world of fame, followers and Photoshop, Instagram is one hell of a game. While we like a good Valencia as much as the next basic b!tch, sometimes we prefer to post a pic with (*gasp*) no filter at all.

The San Giorgio hotel in Mykonos, Greece, is primed for such a post. This tiny boutique hotel opened in 2012 and has just 32 rooms, but endless photogenic angles to capture the bohemian, minimalist decor. The five main room types promise all the hallmarks of a dreamy Insta interior, with everything from folksy embroidered throw pillows and salvaged driftwood furniture to gauzy canopies covering all-white beds and hanging lights that cast a romantic soft glow. Yeah, a pretty far cry from the stiff comforters and framed reprints at most chain hotels. 

While the rooms are blissful, the rest of the hotel got just as much design love. The azure pool is flanked by crochet hammocks and sleek lounge chairs, while a dock to leap into the Aegean Sea is just steps away. Also on the beachfront property is a restaurant that serves trendy Mediterranean fare on unfinished wooden tables. Then just across the sand is a beach club that guarantees a good time. With rooms at San Giorgio starting at just €190 ($210 USD), you'll get a year's worth of Insty-pics for less than the cost of Photoshop. #winning