Hawaii Secret Slide Irrigation illegal

It's hard to find an island more famous or its lush natural beauty than Hawaii. Full of waterfalls and surf-perfect beaches, it's hard to keep track of all the hidden gems on its eight islands; but one certain hidden activity has been blowing up the Internet, despite being officially illegal.

Found on the Big Island of Hawaii, a 35-foot 'water slide' sits in the middle of the jungle forests of Waipo Valley. Accessible only via the rigorous two-hour White Road Hike, the 'slide' is actually an irrigation flume that lands in a concrete pool.

Despite the thrilling opportunity it offers, tourism officials have deemed the activity illegal for a reason; the flume is not designed to handle the weight of humans walking over it. That said, there are plenty of legal, and less risky ways to dive into Hawaii's pools. And while you're there, make sure to sleep in this Airbnb treehouse.


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