Koloa Landing Resort

When we think of large-scale resorts lining the Hawaiian coastline, we don't always think good thoughts. Oftentimes consumerism trumps culture, and any authentic qualities to the property are lost. That said, there's a newly renovated resort on the island of Kauai that's opting away from the growing stereotype, keeping the traditional culture of Hawaii alive and well.

Koloa Landing Resort is located in Poʻipū, on the southern side of the island and just half a mile away from the beach. At first glance it may look just like the rest, but give it a chance and it will surprise you. The hotel manager, Ike Cockett, is a Hawaiian himself, and he has every intention to pay respect to and teach others about the culture of the island he calls home. 

Take for example the excursions. During your stay, you can travel out to a farming ground to harvest taro, a root that's often used in cooking traditional dishes like Poi, Steamed Laulau, or Squid d Luau. As if that were some kind of hint, you then get to cook and enjoy a meal from the actual taro you harvested. Is it just us or is that way more cool than stuffing your plate at a typical buffet?

Of course it also helps that the resort itself is stunning, with 306 studios and villas, a 4,000 square-foot day spa, and even a brand new 350,000-gallon saltwater pool. Should you want a relaxing getaway with friends, you can rent one of the 4-bedroom suites, pre-order your favorite food to your kitchen, or even put in your request with the personal chef. Yeah, if this is authentic Hawaii, we're never coming home.