After a decade of Los Angeles Living, I have learned the lingo, rode the waves, and embraced the fashion demonstrated by the city's inhabitants. Looking back to when I first moved to LA, I remember being that girl outside of the club in a super cute dress and freezing. In my defence, it had been 85 degrees that whole day prior; so why wouldn't I assume it would be warm at night? Let me tell you, LA isn't always as it seems to outsiders. As such, I am ready to be your Los Angeles Guru and give you a few tips on how to fit in like a local.


Angeleno:  Residents of Los Angeles.

LA transplant : People who were not born here, but adopted LA culture.

Don't Trip : Meaning do not panic.

Clutch : Meaning awesome or great!

The word "literally":  This is a word that is literally used as a conjunction. Interchangeable with the word, " like"  or if you really wanna go there you can double up and say "literally like..."

Scavenger : Men and Women who go to the club, seek out a table, drink all the alcohol, and move on to the next table. Another equivalent word would be "thots."


Always Bring a Jacket: 

Being an LA Transplant from the East Coast, I always heard about the consistent 72 and sunny weather, but in all honesty, it can get chilly. Of course, I don't mean East Coast chilly, but it will go from 84 degrees during the day to 62 degrees by 7 pm. So keeping a jacket handy will help you avoid looking like ME after the club waiting for an Uber when it's 58 degrees outside. Like, it's cold and it is not cute to be shivering in your heels. Jimmy's : This is a short form of saying Jimmy Choo's Christian's or Loubi's : Short form for Christian Louboutin Atheleisure : Even if you're not going to the gym, you should look like it. A lot of Angelinos sport their Lululemons, Nikes, and Calvin Klein Sports Bra as casual daywear. It's Atheleisure and it's a huge trend in LA. For this look, pair your favorite trainers with some black leggings, a crop top, a bomber jacket and some aviators à la Kylie Jenner (below). You're literally an Angelino.


What Constitutes as "LA": 

I can always tell when someone isn't from LA due to their misunderstanding of what constitutes the region. Geographically speaking, Los Angeles County is made up of 88 cities, casting a wide net over surrounding areas. However, true LA locals do not count cities over Laurel Canyon   nor too far east. Therefore, when an Angelino uses the term "LA" they mean the following areas: Downtown LA, East LA, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and West Hollywood, Century City, Culver City, Santa Monica, and Venice. It does not  include:  Long Beach, Hermosa, Manhattan or Redondo Beach, Palmdale, Lancaster, Glendale, and anywhere in the valley (this includes Studio City). This will save you the embarrassment and confusion when you are trying to get around. Hiking Trails:  LA is known for the scenery and star studded hikes. From the Hollywood sign to the ocean you're bound to fall in love with nature within the city. For my top short hikes list read here.