the outside beer hot tub at Bjorbodin Iceland

Beer is a versatile beverage. You can brew it about a million different ways, use it to batter and fry food, and now, bathe in it. Yes, while the idea of beer hot tubs may have been a strange one at first, the concept is catching on, with an entirely beer-focused spa now open in Iceland.

Titled Bjórböðin, the spa is part of the local Kaldi brewery in a small town called Árskógssandur. Inside, guests will have the option of seven different bathtubs filled with beer, and up to two people can bathe in one tub at a time. We know what you're thinking — can you drink this beer? And while the answer is no, it's undrinkable, the staff at Bjórböðin do have you covered. There is a beer draught at every tub for those over 20, and that is very much intended for consumption. 

Outside, guests also have the option between two beer hot tubs, complete with views of Hrísey Island and Þorvalds valley. Fitting eight to 10 people, it's the perfect place to have a beer-themed party. The added bonus? It's actually good for you, supposedly making your hair and skin softer, and overall health better. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the beer is made from the spring of Sólarfjall mountain.