There's no doubt about it: Iceland is so hot right now. And hotter than hot is the Nordic island nation's iconic Blue Lagoon, attracting over 900,000 visitors alone last year. The rise in tourists has gotten both local Icelanders and foreigns visitors alike worried about fighting the crowds – but for those hoping to visit in peace and quiet, a new hotel is going to provide just that.

The Lava Cove and Moss Hotel, slated to open in the fall of 2017, will be the first luxury hotel to open in the Blue Lagoon. And when we say 'in the lagoon', we mean literally inside the lagoon. The four-part complex will be built into a "moss-covered lava flow dating from the year 1226," and includes access to your very own private swimming hole. Wall-to-ceiling windows open up to views of the icy blue waters outside, while the Lava Cove Spa brings the elements indoors with lava rock-heated steam rooms and mineral-rich water treatments.

For the eco-conscious, the entire hotel will also be powered by sustainable geothermal energy drawn from the lava flow. Claiming to "seamlessly integrate nature, architecture, and affluence," we can't help but agree that the Moss Hotel has done just that. Need proof? Take a look at the photos below: