the exterior if Iceland's Buubble hotel at night

When it comes to camping, there's about a million different ways to do it. You can rough it with just a sleeping bag under the stars, put in a little more effort with a tent, or go all out by booking a bubble.

Chances are that last one both caught your interest and confused you, so we'll explain. Iceland is home to a new hotel, titled Buubble, which advertises itself as a '5 Million Star Hotel' thanks to its scenic outdoor location. Just imagine falling asleep under millions of stars, or admiring the midnight sun from the comfort of your bed. For those who travel to Iceland specifically to see the Aurora Borealis, you'll have perfect views of that too with green, blue, and purple hues dancing directly over your head as you drift into your dreams. 

It's the genius bubble lodge technology that makes it all possible. You can sleep outside even in the midst of winter, and still stay snug with heating elements, a thermostat, and a noiseless ventilation system. Even better? The air is renewed two to seven times every single hour, so you won't feel stuffy or suffer from built up humidity.

The lodge has multiple bubbles to choose from, including the Asta (a simple double bed fit for two), and the Valdis (a bubble with an aluminum membrane fit for two). All are located in the forest, and all have utmost privacy — perfect for a romantic retreat with that certain someone. As for the additional facilities, there's a shared service house with toilers, showers, and a self-serve kitchen with free coffee. Yeah, that's definitely a step up from your basic tent.