Faroe Islands Nordic Island

Scoring top marks in lists including 'world's most liveable city,' 'happiest place on earth' and even 'the best country in the world,' Nordic countries like Sweden, Norway, and Iceland are welcoming an increasing number of tourists each year, but if you're hoping to find a vacation spot away from the crowds, there are a number of places dotted across these countries - many of which are Europe's best kept secrets.

The Faroe Islands are among those spots - beautiful, majestic and surprisingly untouched. Made up of 18 jagged volcanic islands, they are unique not only in their stunning scenery but also for the fact that they contain more sheep than people. Yep with 70,000 shaggy sheep versus just over 49,000 human inhabitants, this is the epitome of country living. 

An independent territory of Denmark, you'll find the Faroe Islands north of Scotland and halfway between Norway and Iceland. Peak season is between June and August when the area can receive up to 22 hours of daylight. If you plan on booking further ahead for next year, you can go over to the islands for the G! Festival, a three-day music fest that offers wooden hot tubs to visitors between sets. Those who don't mind braving the harsh winds are guaranteed a more private experience off-season from September. For more information, you can visit the Faroe Islands website. But for now, we'll leave you with a few favorite snapshots of this hidden gem.