We already know that Iceland is different from the rest of the world. It's incredibly safe, incredibly beautiful, and apparently, is home to incredibly talented people. More specifically we're talking about the crew of Iceland Air, who seem to all moonlight as musicians, dancers, comedians, actors, and artists.

Since they fly by day, Iceland Air has launched an in-flight entertainment program that stars their talented crew. The goal is to host a series of on-board, three-act plays and performances, giving them a chance to nurture their skills and learn theater techniques to add to their repertoire of skills. 

But the benefit isn't solely for the staff — the entertainment will also help to boost the mood of passengers, calm restless children, and reassure (read: distract) those who may be afraid of flying. Plus, all of the plays put on will be about Iceland Air's history and service, and will tell the story of the past and future of transatlantic travel. Entertaining and informative, the idea isn't half bad.

The shows will be on board select Iceland Air flights from now until March 2018, and passengers will be able to trade their standard boarding pass into a Stopover Pass if they wish to witness the performance. According to a recent press release, the pass will also give passengers access to land performances with tickets to a private concert or Icelandic football match, backstage passes to a music festival, and more. Yeah, that's taking in-flight entertainment to an entirely new level.

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