Top view selection of fine dinning dishes on wooden table

There are some places in this world that we visit for the sole purpose of the food. Italy is one of them, as is France and quite possibly the US, with its delicious southern fare in Kentucky and Louisiana. As for Ireland, we tend to associate that much more with beverages — beer in particular. That said, Ireland is an up-and-coming destination for those who love to eat, with certain areas of the country claiming their titles as the top foodie destinations.

As it turns out, West Cork took the top spot, with RAI citing its events and programmes like the annual Taste of West Cork Food Festival, Cork Character Cafes, and "the pride and passion that West Cork food producers and retailers have about their locally made products" for the win. In second place falls Boyne Valley, and in third comes Kilkenny.

According to Fáilte Ireland, visitors to the country have been spending close to €2 billion a year on meals and drinks, and Ireland's aiming to grow its food scene even further. With a focus on putting local food at the forefront of the visitor experience, the awards will continue to highlight food festivals, gourmet trails, and great dining experiences.

For the top 5 foodie destinations, see the list below:

1. West Cork
2. Boyne Valley
3. Kilkenny
4. Kinsale
5. West Waterford

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