Dooagh Beach Ireland beautiful landscape

Ireland's not exactly a country known for its sandy shores; so imagine how disappointing it must've been when one of the nations' few beaches was literally washed away in 1984 by a wild storm. The west coast town of Dooagh depends heavily on its tourism industry, and after Dooagh Beach became nothing but a rock pool, fewer and fewer tourists made their way over for sightseeing.

Last month, however, the spring tides seemed to have changed course, causing the winds and waves to bring a large quantity of sand back onto Dooagh's shores, forming a 900-foot stretch of beach. The phenomenon has caused quite a stir with locals and visitors alike, giving hope to the Achill Island town's tourism future.

Apparently, this is not the first time Dooagh beach has disappeared; records indicate that a similar event had occurred sometime before 1890, and it could happen again. But sandy shores or not, the island's dramatic cliffs and unique boglands are always there for some stunning sight-seeing.

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