The bar inside Conroys Old Bar in Ireland

When searching through the thousands of homes available on Airbnb, we tend to look to the amenities. And while a pool, patio, or access to a private beach are some pretty perks, there's one Airbnb that's putting them all (yes, even those with the aforementioned amenities) to shame.

Conroy's Old Bar in Tipperary, Ireland is available to book through Airbnb, and with it comes an entire Irish Bar. Accommodating four guests between two bedrooms, the authentically Irish village bar has been discreetly converted into a self catering accommodation. And by that, we mean that while the place no longer holds a liquor license, you can always bring your own booze to sip at the bar (which is fully equipped with bar pumps, optics, and the original till). The best part? It's a mere £93 per night.

Located in a remote area of Ireland, the Airbnb listing describes it as "especially suited to those who have a love of the great outdoors." You'll specifically be in Aglish, a small village on the border of Counties Clare, Galway, and Offaly and about two hours away from any major city. Between exploring your surroundings and sipping booze at the bar, you can also spend time in the home's rear (or should we say beer) garden. Ah, the amenities.