friends eating pizza at Venice Fast Food From the City

Italy is well-known for its reverence towards fine cuisine and its deep food culture. So much so, that they're now taking drastic action against the prevalence of 'low-brow food' in its city of Venice.

After proposing a quota on the number of tourists, a trend also under consideration by other European cities such as Barcelona and Reykjavik, the Floating City's council has voted to implement a new rule banning the opening of all food takeout joints. "We are waging a fight against fast food... to maintain and showcase our unique food," said Venice's chief of tourism, Paola del Mar.

As the fifth most popular country for tourism in the world, Italy's local citizens are understandably worried about the impact of visiting crowds on their cultural heritage. And while cheap kebabs and pizza-by-the-slice are quick and easy options for tourists on-the-go, we can't imagine they'd be missed much – especially when they'll be replaced with authentic pizza margheritas instead.

It's not hard to see why Barcelona is another city dealing with a tourist influx – especially at the Sagrada Familia: