Gondola ride in Venice

Oh, Italy — the birthplace of delicious, guilt-inducing carbs and sculpted naked statues. You simply can’t visit the boot-shaped country without experiencing a few highly typical and super Italian traditions, whether it's making pasta from scratch over the Tuscan hills, stomping on fresh grapes to produce wine, or tossing around dramatic hand gestures whilst talking. There are a lot of things out there that are “typically Italian,” and in all honestly, the majority are totally worth trying. Even if it's just the one time. 

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Stuff your face with Neapolitan pizza in Naples

These days you can find Neapolitan pizza just about everywhere, but no one does it quite like its birthplace of Naples. Prepared with only the freshest ingredients, true Neapolitan pizza is simple, featuring only cheese, dough and sauce. It’s basic, but never boring. And to get the most authentic pie in Naples, you must go to the no-frills and no-reservation pizzeria, L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele. This pizzeria, which was actually featured in the film Eat, Pray, Love, will have you feeling satisfied and cultured, just like Elizabeth Gilbert. With only two menu options, marinara and margherita, this pizzeria is hands down the best in the world.

Eat giant scoops of authentic gelato in Florence

Diet, schmiet — you can’t go to Italy without having at least 2 scoops of gelato to cap off the night. Just make sure you’re getting the actual authentic stuff... think simple, small, and silver. If the presentation looks too outrageous to the point of being tragic, don't do it. If the shop is serving portions bigger than your face, don't do it. The very best gelato is normally presented in tin silver cans, which helps to keep it fresh. Check out Grom, scattered across many large cities throughout Italy, or Vivoli, the oldest gelateria in Florence.

Go on an overly-romantic gondala ride in Venice

It's no surprise that the floating city of Venice oozes romance with its stunning architecture and sparkling canals. More likely than not, you’ve daydreamed about exploring the canals by Gondala whilst being serenaded by the handsome Gondolier. Enjoying a ride is iconic to Venice, and although it has a hefty price tag, it’s totally a bucket list experience you’ll cherish forever. Plus, just think of all the cool, totally-Italian photos you would get out of this. It’s a cheesy moment with bae just waiting to happen.  

Ride a vespa around the Roman sights

This one is for all the Lizzie McGuire Movie fans out there who’ve dreamed of going to Italy and meeting their very own Paolo (don't lie, you know what we're talking about). It's that moment you spend riding through Rome on a shiny red Vespa. So typically Italian, you can wind around the Colosseum and through the cobbled streets of the intricate city like you're in some kind of epic dream. You may even want to start blasting classic tunes by good old Frank Sinatra or Andrea Bocelli. When in Italy, right?

Go shopping though the streets of Milan

From designer handbags to fine leather shoes, the streets of Milan rank next to those in London, Paris, and New York City. Experience wandering through the glittering streets of Via della Spiga and Via Montenapoleone, and window shopping at Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton. Smaller and more affordable boutiques are just a few steps away, but if you’d rather save your cash, you can always dress to impress and turn the city streets into your own impromptu photoshoot location. It is the capital of fashion, after all.

Drink worrying amounts of wine in Tuscany

If your brain isn't at least a little fuzzy at some point in the trip, you're doing it wrong. Spend a hazy afternoon sipping world-class wines, such as Chianti or Brunello di Montalcino, under the Tuscan sun. The best way is to book a tour at one of the local wineries, such as the Chianti Classico winery located in the very heart of Tuscany, between Florence and Siena. Not only will you sample generous amounts of wine, but you’ll be presented with a platter of cheese, cold-cuts, and homemade pasta. Just like a typical Italian Nonna would do.