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If you're in your early twenties, chances are you don't have a crowd of people rooting for you to get knocked up on your next trip. A small group of hotels in Italy, however, is. 

Hospitality has been taken to a whole new level with The Fertility Room project, an attempt by the city of Assisi to boost local travel and the country's dwindling birth rate. Ten participating hotels will grant a free night's accommodation to couples who conceive while staying there — you'll just have to show proof of it later. Under the campaign slogan "Venite ad Assisi. Insieme!" (Come to Assisi. Together!), those who opt into the offer will have to show a birth certificate that's dated nine months (plus or minus 10 days) following their stay at the hotel. Then, they will either be reimbursed for their stay or receive a free night on their next visit. 

Given Assisi's incredibly low birth rate, you've got to hand it to them for trying. In 2015, only eight babies were born to every 1,000 residents, marking Italy with the lowest birth rate in the EU, and one of the lowest in the world. As Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin told The Local this past May, “If we carry on as we are and fail to reverse the trend, there will be fewer than 350,000 births a year in 10 years' time, 40 percent less than in 2010 – an apocalypse." 

So if you're planning on jumping on the baby-making bandwagon, the campaign will run until March 31, 2017, and includes the following hotels: Agriturismo Basaletto, Agriturismo Casa Faustina, Agriturismo Le Mandrie di San Paolo, Hotel Cristallo, Dal Moro Assisi Gallery Hotel, Hotel Dei Priori, Hotel Fontebella, Hotel Il Castello, Hotel Windsor Savoia, and Villamena. Hubba hubba!