On my list of things to do before I'm 30: plan a trip across Japan, learn to ski, volunteer at a panda sanctuary — oh, and buy my own home. While I can see the first three being achievable goals, the fourth is something I hope will happen, but doubt will.

That is, until I heard I could buy a historic Italian home for $1. If you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, let me explain...

Ollolai, a little Italian village located in the region of Barbagia on Sardinia, has 200 stone houses that need new owners  — each one available for €1 (or around $1.20 USD). Of course, for that price, they're not going to be brand-spanking new. If you snap up one of these babies, you're going to need to pay for substantial repairs, which are expected to cost around $25,000. But let's be honest, it's the cheapest home you're going to get your hands on.

The hope is that the sales will help preserve Ollolai's history and increase its population — which today stands at around 1,300. For more information, or to bag yourself a bargain home, you can contact the municipality of Ollolai

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