a cat looking at the window

We could use every cat pun in the book to intro this article, but we'll try to refrain and get to the point right meow — sorry, had to. A brand new cat train is coming to Japan, combining our love for cats, bento boxes, and train rides into one joyous adventure.

Beginning September 10, the Cat Cafe Train will leave from Gifu's Ogaki station at 10:30 am and arrive at the Ikeno station at 1 pm. The day trip will last just two and a half hours in each direction, and will allow for travelers to cuddle up with adorable rescue cats from Gifu Prefecture's Sanctuary cat cafe. Basically, that means that even if you don't actually adopt one of the cats from the ride, you'll be helping to socialize them for their forever home. Should you find yourself coming from the opposite direction, the train will leave from keno at 11:20 am and arrive at Ogaki at 2:50 pm.

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Tickets are an affordable $27 and include the ride, the opportunity to cuddle with cute kitties in a private car, and a bento box lunch. The September 10 tickets may already be sold out (we're not at all surprised), however considering the success, we're expecting more tickets to be sold shortly.